Rhiw Valley Light Railway
Beside the River RhiwTrack

Permanent Way

We are currently engaged in replacing and upgrading all of the permanent way. The track is currently constructed of various weights of flat bottomed rail which is spiked to ex BR sleepers which have been cut in to smaller sections.

We are upgrading all of the exisitng rail to 25lb rail. This has been purchased from the RHDR. The rail is spiked to new treated Douglas Fir sleepers (900mm * 150mm * 100mm) the track panels sit on a minimum of 100mm of 40mm clean stone ballast which in turn sits on a geo-textile membrane. This membrane allows water to drain away and prevents the ballast from mixing with the sub soil. The rail joints are all coated with P-Way grease before the fishplates are fixed in place.

We are currently looking at the possibilities of making a laser levelling truck to help with gradient profiling. News and pictures will follow soon.