Rhiw Valley Light Railway

Rolling Stock


Jack is an 0-4-0 tender engine designed by Jack Woodroffe, Alec James and Neil Simkins it was built by Jack Woodroffe and TMA Engineering.


Powys is a David Curwen designed 0-6-2 tank engine built by Severn Lamb.


Monty is an 0-4-0 petrol driven freelance design engine designed by Harry Brunin and built by Jaco Engineering and Harry Brunin.

Unfortunately during passenger hauling duty over our September 2012 Open Weekend Monty suffered from a complete loss of oil pressure and power. Monty’s engine is being removed for a complete strip down and overhaul over the winter 2012/2013. Let’s hope it is not too serious. News of Monty’s progress will be posted in Mike’s RVLR Diary.


We currently have 5 hand built wooden carriages. The originals built by founder Jack Woodroffe and the new ones built by Mike Woodroffe and Bob Davey, with help from Malcolm Crosby and Les Jackson.

We are planning 5 more carriages to be built over the next 6 years. The design of which has still to be decided.