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The Rhiw Valley Light Railway welcomes societies and clubs and are prepared to accommodate private bookings for your club or society.

We have in the past welcomed The Heywood Society, a party organised by Grand Scales Quartely from the USA and several private clubs and societies from here in the U.K.

For details and to register your interest please send an email to societies@rvlr.co.uk


During October 2011 we hosted a full weekend visit from members of the 6024 Preservation Society www.6024.com

Dedicated to the restoration, maintenance and operation of Great Western Railway King Class 4-6-0 steam locomotive No 6024 “King Edward I”.

This is what one of their number had to say about their weekend.

 6024 RHIW Valley Weekend

The 6024 engineering team and support crew members were promised ‘something different’ in the loco driving and operating department – and so it turned out.

Somewhere in Mid-Wales (down a bit and left of Welshpool) we found this lovely old farm house with a real miniature railway stretching away over adjacent fields. The signs were good!

After watching our Chairman struggle with the gazebo (he said it was windy) and suitably refreshed it was time to get serious – we were to be allowed to drive the two locos in steam. After prepping we had a brief overview by Les Jackson – well, it should have been brief but he kept regaling us with tales of how he encouraged a Duchess up to some unbelievable speed on its last run prior to withdrawal. (But he did hasten to show us a photo of the King about to depart Crewe for Holyhead).

We all had turns on the regulators – movements of which were minute from ‘stopped’ to ‘hold-on- tight’. One of our more experienced members even had to stop for a blow-up – such ignominy! The driving turns were very enjoyable and quite an experience – not least shoehorning some of us into the cab.

Riding the railway in the coaches was certainly cosy – though a bit disconcerting when reversing away from the terminus I found myself in the leading coach going the opposite road to all the following coaches! I was soon righted and re-railed.

Altogether a very enjoyable day (many of our team stayed for a second day) with Mike and his colleagues as excellent and obliging hosts. Though I have to say I am not sure I would allow all these 6024 amateur drivers loose if it was my railway!

Don Evans


During May 2012 we played host to a visit from PLEG (Preserved Locomotive Enthusiasts Group)

There is a report on their visit to the RVLR on their web site

Narrow Gauge Railway Society

During 2017 we had a private visit from Members of the Narrow Gauge Railway Society. Check out their web site.